Our vis-à-vis is very versatile with it’s white on white décor.  It can be decorated to accommodate any event whether formal or informal.  Our vis-à-vis can seat two to four regular sized adults and/or four adults and two children facing one another.


“Vicky” is a small one or two passenger carriage perfect for those special two person events: engagements, weddings, anniversaries, etc.  It is the ultimate in intimacy for those special occasions.  It also has a folding top to add that unique flair.  The seats are upholstered in a pale dove grey which will not clash with your chosen colors.


Victoria Front Image


Our wagonette is a more rustic carriage accommodating 8 to 10 adults on bench seats facing one another.  The bench seats are old reclaimed cedar finished to bring out their original wood finish.  Entry and exit is via a sturdy easy to climb rear ladder. It is a versatile carriage as it can be used as a people mover but can also be dressed up and used to transport a wedding party.

Our training cart is the vehicle we use to train horses to pull a carriage.  Sometimes we use a single horse and sometimes we use two horses.  Training runs are not fancy events like our vis a vis, Victoria and wagonette carriages.  We recognize that sometimes you just want to get some breeze in your hair and enjoy a short carriage ride in the country or through a subdivision.  We offer rides on our training cart at a reduced rate for just those occasions.  The rear of the cart can accommodate 2 adults or one adult and 2 children.

We also have the ability to modify the training cart for handicapped children.  We can change the seat configuration to add a ramp and the ability to lock a small child’s wheel chair in place.  There is also room for an adult to ride along with that child and one person to ride beside the driver.  Call if you are ready to give your special child a special ride.